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Subscriptions as little as $10.00 a month from wonderful neighbors like you, go further than you can imagine, helping us to maintain our expensive equipment so that it is ready under all conditions.
Your contribution means so much.
Thank you.

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Subscriptions as little as $10.00 a month from wonderful neighbors like you, go further than you can imagine, helping us to maintain our high standard of training and care.
Your contribution means so much.
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Subscriptions from as little as $10.00 a month from community members such as yourself allow us to help maintain and acquire new and advanced vehicles to deliver you the highest quality of care possible.


Why do I need to purchase a subscription for the Rescue Squad, I have medical insurance?


Most insurance plans, including Medicare, do not cover 100C of the costs for ambulance services. Purchasing a subscription ensures that you will not be responsible for paying the high out-of-pocket costs associated with 9-1-1 emergency ambulance services provided by Tri-Hampton Rescue Squad. Keep in mind that the subscription covers out-of-pocket expenses except any amount due as part of an insurance co-payment and/ or deductible.

Every year you probably receive a letter similar to this page, asking for your financial support of our organization through the purchase of a subscription to the Rescue Squad. Also in that letter, you would be provided with a brief summary on our activity for the previous year, along with some background on the need for our request for your support. At the conclusion of our typical annual fund drive, approximately one in every seven residents who receives this letter will support Tri-Hampton by purchasing a subscription. The remaining 85% of residents will discard the request and risk needing an ambulance this year that will likely result in an expensive bill for the service. In fact, the overall participation in our subscription program has suffered a decline from previous years. In recent years we’ve seen a 4% reduction in donations from the previous year. In contrast, our overall operating expenses have increased by 11% over the same period! 

To those residents who continue to support our mission, we sincerely THANK YOU! Without your donations, we would not have been able to continue providing the high quality service that you and your families deserve 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our goal is to increase awareness in some of the difficulties we face that threaten the sustainability of our organization, and EMS in general, in hopes that we can achieve a response rate among our residents of 20% or greater! This means we just need one in every five residents to respond to our request this year for us to meet our goal! 

EMS in Bucks County, in Pennsylvania, and throughout the nation is in crisis and needs sustainable funding! The leading cause of the funding issue in EMS is that there is a very high cost for staff and the equipment necessary to be available to handle any medical emergency 24/7/365. However, there is no uniform funding sources to pay for that readiness. EMS is only permitted to bill for services that are rendered, and unfortunately, that is not enough. As a result, we have seen record numbers of EMS providers leaving the profession due to low pay along with burnout from the cumulative stresses of the job. Pennsylvania saw a nearly 45% decline in active EMS professionals over a five year period prior to the pandemic. 

We are fortunate among other EMS agencies in the region that all three municipalities that we serve (Northampton, Upper Southampton, and Lower Southampton Townships), recognize the need for EMS and the municipal leaders continue to do their best to support our organization. As we move forward with efforts to improve the services we offer while also providing an excellent workplace for the best EMS professionals in the region, we must all acknowledge that this has a cost that will never be fully paid by only the people who need an ambulance in a given year. 

Tri-Hampton operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and in most cases, your donations are tax-deductible.  

In closing, the dedicated members of the Tri-Hampton Rescue Squad remain committed to providing the highest quality Emergency Medical Services to our community. While it is our sincere hope that you never need our services, please know that our highly trained Paramedics and EMTs stand ready to respond and provide lifesaving care for you and your loved ones when needed.

We kindly ask you to be the one in five residents that we need, who will take a moment to donate above. Please also talk to your family, friends, and neighbors who live in our community to advocate for EMS and support Tri-Hampton.